The VIP philosophy is to breed dogs infrequently, selectively, and with an eye toward health, soundness and athletic ability.
Puppies are not toys, or playthings, or "gifts" for holidays... they are thinking, feeling, intelligent creatures and a commitment to be protected for their entire lives!


Our dogs are not available at public stud, rather by "private treaty" only -- which means we choose when, and if, to breed our stock... and we do NOT have litters often -- about 3-7 years apart for our home-bred puppies. However, when we DO breed a litter, it is with the goal to produce a healthy, sound, quality litter with excellent bird-finding and pointing skills, that exemplifies breed "type" and compliments both the sire and dam.

We strive to place our dogs in homes where the dogs will be loved and protected for their entire lives. However, we ALSO strive to provide a lifelong commitment to our puppies, and should a situation change we want to know so that we can assist in helping to find a new home for that pup... whether the pup was out of a breeding we produced or out of a breeding sired by one of our dogs!

We're located in Sussex County, Delaware, USA

On our farm we grow natural and organic produce, plants, and pastured chickens. In addition to sharing our home with our wonderful Pointers, we also have Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses - including "Truman the Trick Horse," a way-too-smart gelding who performs his many tricks for charities and non-profit organizations. Put your mouse cursor HERE to see a picture of Truman!

It's our pleasure to promote and support Pointer rescue (, canine therapy work, public education regarding pet care, humane training methodologies, wildlife conservation practices, and competition with Pointers in:

• Conformation Shows
• Field Trials
(AKC and American Field)
• Hunting Tests
• Agility
• Obedience
and more

For more information, contact us at: info(at)